Slow Entrepreneur® Founder

Photo by  Micah Dahlberg


Met with a consultant to reconfigure my business strategyTwo years after launching my business, I was on the verge of burnout. Craving more space in my schedule, I met with a mentor who helped me first identify lifestyle goals and then develop a business strategy that supported those goals. Guess what? It worked. In a culture that praises busyness, I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely achieve your goals without comprising your quality of life by creating work-life boundaries.

If that sounds enticing to you, I invite you to consider how you might build a thriving business that doesn’t compromise your quality of life. Start by heading to our Manifesto page and familiarizing yourself with our invaluable mindset shifts. Next, subscribe to my monthly newsletter delivering exclusive insights and activations right to your inbox that will help kickstart your journey toward sustainable success. Finally, share your story and connect with other liberated entrepreneurs by joining us on Instagram.

It’s time for you to opt-out of the hustle, and embrace the power of slow entrepreneurship.

I believe with a little strategy and ingenuity we can design businesses that afford us the time and space we think is impossible. I’ve curated the pages of this website to equip you with both practical and inspiration tips to help you jumpstart your new flow as a slow entrepreneur. I'm sharing the wisdom that's come about along my journey. You don't need to apply every strategy to make your life work. Do the ones that feel best, right to you.